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The Girl That Taught You Kindness - The Name Game

The Girl That Taught You Kindness - The Name Game


Well hello there! After a rather crazy break for all sorts of life stuff I've been inspired to get back to it by the outpour of responses I've been receiving on my Instagram posts. (Thanks friends!)

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Anywho, I thought I'd start with just a mini post to get the ball rolling again. As I read through my older stories I realized I've never told the story of my name. "The Girl Who Taught You Kindness" might come across as a bit egocentric for a blogger writing about self-care but, in all honesty, the name was given to me. For those of you that have been following, you will know that a little over a year ago I went through a rather harsh break up which sent me into a deep, depressed, "fuck life" hole, but also spurred me to start this blog. When me and my ex were breaking up, the last time I saw him actually, he said goodbye by telling me, "I will be forever grateful, because the one thing I have truly learned from you was how to be kind." (Quote pulled straight from the diary, warning some words may of been smudged with tears or chocolate so it's the best translation that anyone could of guessed)

So, when I started writing as I was trying to cleanse myself of all the anxiety plague and black goo that follows intense breakups, I held on to that phrase. That even at the end of the war we had fought against each other for each other, after all the nasty things said, the tears, the crazy whirlwind, he walked away believing I was kind. Truly to the core, kind. It's a trait I inherited from my mother and I wear it like a badge of honour. So for this person that had gone through so much with me to point out this trait, it was a speck of hope in loving myself again. I decided to go back and start to teach that kindness back to myself and bring you all along for the ride. :)

So now challenge time! Be kind to yourself today. You are the most important person in your life, if you are not happy and succeeding, you cannot help the ones you love. Take a bubble bath, a moment to breathe, watch your favourite movie. Self-care the shit out of your free time!

Stay tuned for more expanded posts from my Instagram along with new thoughts, feels, adventures and muck ups. :)

Love always,
- The Girl Who Taught You (and herself) Kindness.


The Girl Who Taught You Kindness - Dating with Depression

The Girl Who Taught You Kindness - Dating with Depression