Asking Alice
MOMS Collective


Photo credit: Duy Nguyen

Creative Team
Directed by: Michael David Stewart
Set and Costume Design by: Shelby Wyminga
rEvolver SM: Olivia Etey
SKAMpede SM: Madelaine Walker
Production Design: Thomas van Kalken

Playing at rEvolver Festival June 1-3 || Free Admission || Show runs every 20 minutes
Playing at SKAMpede Festival July 14th-15th || Free Admission || Show runs every 20 minutes

Asking Alice
is a one on one interactive installation experience that deals with themes of mental health, addiction and self-identity. We are taken into the mind of teenage Alice, who, since returning from Wonderland, is trying to figure out just who she is. Was Wonderland real, or was it just a really bad trip? Inspired by creator Madelyn Osborne’s real-life struggle with addiction and depression, the story leads each participant downwards toward the unsettling question,
“Who am I?”

Talk back with Madelyn Osborne and Stephen Drover (Rumble Theatre/ The Arts Club) below! 

Trailer music by Graham Dawson